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但是外資必須為其WFOE 指定一位法律代表,該人必須於中國大陸境內生活,他亦會為WFOE 的活動而承擔個人無上限責任。 成立WFOE 是非常複雜而漫長的過程,當中同時涉及國家及地區機關的參與。 常見情況
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

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Despite simplifications in recent years, the China WFOE registration process remains complex and multi-stepped. Doing things right will take time, resources and investment. A WFOE remains the best option for maximum ability to do business in China, but this restriction should be considered for any company that needs to operate quickly, or just make initial market exploration.
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Registration of a Service Type WFOE in Qianhai
 · PDF 檔案services and that no special licence or permit other than the business licence is required. Our fees for handling the formation and registration of a service type WFOE in Qianhai, Shenzhen are USD2,000 and our fees cover the services listed in Section 1(1) of this
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Our fees for handling the formation and registration of a WFOE in Shanghai, China are RMB16,000 which cover the services listed in Section 1(1) of this quotation. Our service fees, however, do not include the payment official registration charges, setting up Internet Banking Facility, legalisation of identity documents of the shareholder/member of the WFOE.
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A Consulting WFOE will mostly provide services and would face a shorter registration process given the lack of registration at the Customs and Quarantine Inspection authorities. A Manufacturing WFOE allows their shareholder to enact a full supply chain made of purchase, processing and trade/wholesale of finished products and spare-parts.
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Taiwan WFOE Company Registration Services syd2tw (WFOE stands for Wholly Foreign Owned Entity) Service Coverage *Company Registration *Open Bank Account *Trademark Registration *Work Permit Application *ARC (Alien Residence Certificate
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How long does it take to register a WFOE in China, and how opening a service or trade WFOE company quickly and comfortably. The process of registering enterprises has been greatly simplified since the reform of the business registration system.
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Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise
China WFOE Registration Guide (12) – Legalisation of Shareholder’s Identity Documents China WFOE Maintenance and Compliance Guide (15) – Dissolving and Liquidating Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises China WFOE Registration Guide (13) – Banker’s Reference Letter of the Shareholder
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After completing WFOE Registration, we will provide 4-in-1 services: *Accounting and Tax Compliance *Paying and Web-Banking Maker *Payroll Compliance *Cloud Accounting System Platform Features
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Registration procedures in China

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Business registration for foreign investment enterprises is not a simple process in China. To maximize profits and cut controllable costs, enterprises should plan around external operational strategy and tax issues. Call us now: 400-800-7472
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Fuzhou WFOE Cloud Accountant Services After completing WFOE Registration, we provide Trust-Enhanser R 4 in 1 services: *Accounting and Tax Compliance *Paying and Web-Bank Account Creation *Payroll Compliance *Cloud Accounting System Platform
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