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UTRIX-16 溫度度記錄器 溫度範圍, ± 0.5 (-20 ~40 ) ± 0.8 (60~70 )± 0.7 其他範圍 S-Micro 迷你型高溫高壓溫度記錄器
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The UTRIX-16 features a Direct USB Connection (No Docking Station Needed!) and automatic PDF Report generation when the USB connection is plugged into a PC computer. LogTag Recorders feature a 2 year non-replaceable battery, stores over 16,000 temperature readings, a user-configurable sampling rate of 30 seconds to 18 hours, alarms and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Digital Signatures.
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Ultrix[1] (officially all-caps ULTRIX) is the brand name of Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) discontinued native Unix operating systems for the PDP-11, VAX, MicroVAX[2] and DECstations.
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The UTRIX-16 has a wide temperature range – -25 C to +70 C (-13 F to +158 F). Use it to monitor vaccine and blood refrigerators, food refrigerators and freezers, HVAC installations, and much more. The logger has a long battery life – typically 2 to 3 years with normal use.
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Unitrix ラグナロク露店相場リサーチ オンラインゲームであるラグナロクオンラインにおける露店アイテムの相場情報を調査しています。 掲載している価格はプロンテラでの販売露店と買取露店を調べたもの …
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Accounting Manager at UTRIX SAL
Utrix is a supplier of high quality feed additives for all kinds of livestock. Our vision is to become the supplier of choice in the region in our range of products and services according to the highest standards of feed additive’s industry that meet the applicable feed legislation, customer requirements and international standards ( GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance, ISO 9001, Environmental
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UTRIX-16 A$165 LogTag with USB and Display All the features you are looking for: display, USB plug and replaceable battery. This is the idea logger for single location logging – vaccine fridges, food fridges and freezers, and shipping. MORE INFO UTRID-16 A$
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ИНСТРУКЦИЯ Термоиндикатор регистрирующий ЛогТэг ЮТРИКС 16)

 · PDF 檔案ЛогТэг ЮТРИКС-16 (LogTag UTRIX-16) многократного запуска Электронный регистрирующий термоиндикатор многократного запуска. Сохранение в памяти до 16000 температурных значений в реальном времени.
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Tự ghi nhiệt độ LogTag UTRIX-16 nổi bật với cổng USB tích hợp sẵn. Một nhiệt kế tự ghi nhỏ gọn được trang bị một bộ nhớ khủng lên đến 16.129 mẫu ghi.LogTag UTRIX-16 còn nâng cao thêm tính tiện dụng bởi tính năng tạo file PDF khi kết nối với máy tính. Bạn
, -30 C to 70 C (-22 F to 140 F) 精度


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