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Mac mini media server: how to connect a Mac mini to …

The Mac mini makes an excellent home entertainment hub. It’s so tiny that it’s virtually unnoticeable and, because modern Mac minis are extremely low-power, it can be left running 24/7 without
Building a Home Lab with ESXi 5.5. VSAN. and Mac Mini Server (6.2) (Part 1 of 3) | Virtual Insanity

Mac Mini home server : HomeServer

I probably wouldn’t consider a Mac mini for anything server related, especially nothing as simple as file sharing. If you want low maintenance, buy a Synology Diskstation, a “+” model with 2 or 4 bays, and set it up as a timemachine target. I’ve used this setup for
Mac Mini Server (qual-core i7 / 16GB RAM/ 756GB Fusion Drive) 2011 North Regina. Regina
Why run a home server?
I’ve had a macOS (Mac OS) server running at home since around 2004 when I bought a Power Mac G4 Cube off eBay, followed by a first Intel-based Mac Mini mid-2007. Today , I have a late-2014 Mac Mini running macOS Sierra hooked up to my TV with a bunch of hard drives attached.
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Mac Mini, the Media Server Evolution – Gigaom

 · Now think of Mac Mini as a “home media server.” Last month when rumors were flying thick and fast, Jonathan Greene very rightfully pointed out the true potential of this device. Mac Mini is perfect sitting next to your Sony FlatScreen TV.
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Why a Mac mini?
The 2018 Mac mini is powered by a multi-core Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor with up to 64GB of RAM and upgradeable internal storage. Running a mini as an offsite backup, web server, FTP server, iOS build server, etc is very cost effective. Specific Mac software can
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50 ways to use your server
Macminicolo presents: 50 ways to use your server: OS X Server is the do-all Mail, web, wiki, etc from Apple. Jenkins or TeamCity will let you build your apps on a remote CI Server. See how the developers of Day One use their Mac mini as a build server. (Free)
Apple Mac Mini 1tb Server 2.53ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 4gb A1283 for sale online | eBay
How to Set up Your Own Time Machine Server
 · A Mac mini or Mac Pro are ideal candidates for server use, but you can run Apple’s server app on any Mac — so if you have an old MacBook Pro or iMac, you can use that too. For best compatibility, your Mac will need to be able to run macOS Sierra comfortably.
Some fun uses for a remote Mac Mini server

How to setup a Mac Server as an MDM using Profile …

This tutorial will introduce you to Apple’s very own MDM solution, called Profile Manager. Profile Manager provides an impressive feature set, is easy to use, rather stable and — above all — very affordable. A while back, we offered a free month with a Mac server to our customers if they’d like to write up a tutorial or review.
Apple Mac Mini Server A1347 2010 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo. 4GB RAM.500GB HD*READ DESC* | eBay

How to Set Up Your Mac to Act as a Networked Time …

You could set up an old Mac Mini to be your backup server, or if you’ve got two Macs you use regularly, you could back them up to each other. You could even plug an external drive into your desktop Mac and share it over the network—then you can back up your MacBook to it wirelessly.
MacStadium Mac mini Server | Bare Metal Mac mini in the Cloud
Apple macOS Server (2018): Cheat sheet
The server component enables these services to run on supported Mac hardware with an installation of macOS Mojave–which also serves as Apple’s latest desktop client OS–as the underlying system
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How-To: Build a $150-$300 iTunes video + music server …

 · But even if you go with a cheap Mac mini, it will still be a problem-free iTunes server for your home. The DIY Option: A Compute Stick Plus Additional Storage ($150-$300)


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