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The Humanities and Social Science Student’s Union, …

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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
HKUST Installs New President and Confers Honorary Doctoral Degrees on Three Distinguished Academics and Community Leaders at its 26th Congregation ...

The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU

As the only student society connecting the HKUST Department of Finance and undergraduate students, we undertake the responsibility of promoting the interest of our members in Finance. We strive to nurture a sense of camaraderie and affection among members and student societies; to foster closer relationships with faculty members, alumni and students as well as to innovate and bring forth
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Biochemistry and Biotechnology Students’ Society

The sharing from HKUST Life Science alumni! 15-19 / 3 / 2021 Welfare Express Distribution of welfare products! Address Biochemistry and Biotechnology Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, Mailbox #13, LG5, Student Center, Academic Complex, The Hong Kong
Story - HKUST Photographic Society

Drama Society, HKUSTSU

There are three words that strike at the heart of our society. They are ‘Create’, ‘Develop’ and ‘Initiate’. Members may share in the culturally enriching experience of participating in every aspect of drama, regardless of their backgrounds. Create ‧Encourages original
Story - HKUST Photographic Society

The Economics Students’ Society, HKUSTSU

This year Terence Siufay and UST dance society were invited to perform for us. Moreover, Professor Siu Kam Wing, the advisor of our Society, gave an innovative speech too. As the biggest public event, we hope everyone in HKUST would enjoy our event and continue to support us.
Story - HKUST Photographic Society


咩係UNI-Y? Uni-Y 係University YMCA 的縮寫,只可以以online形式過O day,上堂都有個照應。
Story - HKUST Photographic Society

Risk Management and Business Intelligence Students’ Association, HKUSTSU

[email protected] 6028 8272(Bruce Yeung) Mail Box #100, Student Center LG5, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong Recent News The 8th Inauguration Ceremony The 6th Inauguration Ceremony
,但仍然係個唔錯嘅機會去認識朋友同電子人,都對好多大學嘅嘢唔清唔楚,是香港中華基督教青年會(Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong) 於2003年係香港浸會大學成立提供大學生培育工作的服務單位。 在不斷發展下,中文稱為大學青年會,一齊做功課一齊做運動,大學青年會於2010年在香港科技大學成立。
Story - HKUST Photographic Society
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Story - HKUST Photographic Society

Department of Mathematics, HKUST

Prof. Gunther UHLMANN 2021 Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics (2021) Prof. Jimmy Chi-Hung FUNG The Hong Kong Institute of Planners, Silver Award (2020) Urban Ventilation Assessment and Wind Corridor Plan for Chinese Cities (2020) Prof. Jimmy Chi
Story - HKUST Photographic Society


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