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Hesselbach’s Triangle
 · Inguinal Hernia Definitions Hesselbach’s Triangle Anatomical triangle used to define Inguinal Hernias Anatomy: Hesselbach’s Triangle (Inguinal Triangle, margins mnemonic – RIP) Hesselbach’s Triangle Rectus muscle lateral margin (medial border)
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Direct inguinal hernia
A direct inguinal hernia (alternative plural: herniae) is a type of groin herniation, that arises from protrusion of abdominal viscera through a weakness of the posterior wall of the inguinal canal medial to the inferior epigastric vessels, specifically through Hesselbach’s triangle.
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Hernia – an overview
Hernia sac protrudes through Hesselbach triangle Borders of Hesselbach triangle are inguinal canal (inferiorly), inferior epigastric vessels (laterally), and lateral edge of rectus abdominis muscle (medially) • Hernia sac emerges superomedial to origin of inferior •
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 · PDF 檔案The hernia emerges anteromedial to the inferior epigastric vessels. As one scrolls the axial transversalis fascia in the Hesselbach triangle. Direct inguinal hernias occur most commonly in men and are less often associated with strangula-tion than are indirect
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What is an Inguinal Hernia?
Direct inguinal hernia The intestinal loop crosses the floor of the inguinal canal, around the Hesselbach triangle. The hernia can descend to the epigastric artery and won’t pass through the deep orifice of the inguinal canal. It’s located behind the cremaster
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Related to Hesselbach’s triangle: Lateral umbilical fold, Cooper’s ligament, Indirect inguinal hernia, Direct inguinal hernia Triangle In technical analysis , a series of high and low prices for a security that, when plotted on a chart, looks vaguely like a triangle.
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Related to Hesselbach triangle: femoral canal, femoral triangle, Indirect inguinal hernia, Internal inguinal ring, Direct inguinal hernia Triangle In technical analysis , a series of high and low prices for a security that, when plotted on a chart, looks vaguely like a triangle.
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Direct Inguinal Hernia:
Direct Inguinal Hernia: The Correct Answer is Intestine will push its way out through the weakest point in the abdominal wall – hesselbach triangle. Less common, usually seen in men over 40 (abdominal wall becomes weaker) Intestine push through anterior
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Start studying Hesselbach’s Triangle and the Spermatic Cord. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. the peritoneal out-pouching (processus vaginalis) eventually pinches off leaving a remnant called the
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Hesselbach’s Triangle Inguinal Hernias , direct and indirect inguinal hernias Hernia – Inguinal Hernia | Epomedicine Inguinal Region – Anatomy, Peritoneal Landmarks 1.3 hernia: anatomy
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 · Boundries of Hesselbach Triangle • Laterally inferior epigastric artery • Medially lateral border or rectus abdominis • Inferiorly (Base) Inguinal ligament 15. Natural mechanism of preventing inguinal hernia• Obliquity of canal.•


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