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What is Pro Rata?
Pro rata for holiday entitlement relates to the number of paid annual leave days a part-time employee receives. While all staff members have the right to a statutory minimum of 5.6 days (which amounts to 28 days for your full-time staff who work five days a week) paid annual leave…
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How to Calculate Pro Rata Holiday Entitlement
How to pro-rate annual leave entitlement for employees starting part-way through the year If you have employees who start part-way through the year, then you should calculate their entitlement based on the amount of time they have worked for your organisation to obtain a …
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Easily Work Out Pro-Rata Annual Leave and Bank …

Pro-rata annual leave entitlement = 17.5 weekly hours x 5 weeks annual leave entitlement = 87.5 hours annual leave. FTE bank holiday entitlement = 8 bank holidays x 7.5 hours per day = 60 hours Pro-rata bank holiday leave = FTE bank holiday entitlement (60 hours) x (17.5 weekly hours/37.5 FTE weekly hours) = 60 x 0.4667 = 28 hours of bank holiday leave (rounded up).
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Annual leave pro rata?
 · This is pro rata – ie working out the equivalent share. My guess is that the 5 day a week person (eg the office staff) also gets the 8 bank holidays off, so they are actually getting 32 days leave …
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What “Pro Rata” Means and How To Calculate It
The same applies to perks such as subsidised parking and having your birthday off as annual leave. Moving to a Pro Rata Role If you’re considering changing jobs to work on a pro rata basis, it’s essential that you think about all the factors involved.
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How Do I Calculate Employees’ Leave Entitlements?
For example, you must grant full-time employees with four weeks of annual leave for every year of service. In contrast, part-time employees will be entitled to annual leave on a pro rata basis. Employment agreements may change these leave entitlements but they
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If you wish to give more holidays than the statutory entitlement you must ensure that your part time employees also receive the additional entitlement on a pro rata basis. For example, if full-time workers are entitled to 33 days’ holiday per year, a person who works four days per week should be entitled to take 26.4 days’ holiday per year (4 ÷ 5 x 33 = 26.4).
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Employee or Employer
 · Pro rata annual leave = 122 / 365 X 7 = 2.34 days (round up to 3 days) (122 is the number of days between 1 Sep to 31 Dec 2016) The employee may take the 3 days of leave in 2016 or combine it to become 10 days leave in 2017.
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Annual leave
Your total annual leave entitlement ÷ 365 x the number of days worked. Part-time entitlement If you’re a part-time employee your annual leave is worked out on a pro-rata basis, and calculated in hours. Your quota is shown in SAP Employee Self Service (ESS).
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How to calculate holiday for leavers
How to calculate holiday for leavers When a worker is leaving your organisation, it can involve a lot of admin. One of the most pressing tasks is calculating remaining holiday entitlement. With our guide on how to calculate holiday for leavers, you’ll learn how to how to work out remaining holiday entitlement and make sure a worker’s entitlement is fully accounted for.
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Revised Annual leave Arrangements

 · PDF 檔案annual leave allowance and compensation leave determined by the pro-rata amount as provided for in the appendices of this circular letter. 13. The management of annual leave is a matter for which individual Departments/Officers are responsible having regard to


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